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The London Aquarium now renamed the Sea Life London Aquarium is located in the County Hall building on Westminster Bridge Road, overlooking the River Thames. First opened in 1997, the London Aquarium gives the visitor the opportunity to view a vast array of different types of marine life in displays that are spread over three floors. The displays have been divided into a number of zones each representing a different biotope, one of which simulates the conditions in the River Thames. In 2009 the London Aquarium was re-launched after undergoing a multi-million pound refurbishment.

London Aquarium

London Aquarium 1

The sea Life London aquarium gives visitors the opportunity to get up close to a vast array of fish including conger eels, rays, piranhas, and probably the most spectacular of all, sharks. A good time to visit the aquarium is when the fish are being fed by divers, so if you’re visiting time is flexible, it could be worth checking ahead.

London Aquarium 2

Visitors start by going down in a lift to a lower floor where you emerge into a low-lit tunnel. Here the displays are at a level low enough to allow children good views of the exhibits, information on the fish is given via video display units. As you move on you come to the Ray Lagoon of which two of the side are glass, so again the children are well catered for here. Unfortunately it is not possible to touch the rays as this can damage their skin. There is always a member of staff on duty here so use the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. If there is some disappointment with not being able to touch the rays, then you will enjoy the Dive Discovery rock pools, as you are positively encouraged to touch a range of marine creatures such as starfish and crabs. There are hand-washing facilities available.

London Aquarium 3

From the lower floor take the lift or escalator a level up to the Thames Walk. This display here has been designed to represent the conditions of the River Thames. It is fascinating to see the kind of marine life that is not from some distant exotic location, but literally just a few yards away. There is no doubt that the real star of the show is the absolutely massive tank that runs through all the floors, so at each level the visitor will get a fresh view of what is happening in the tank at any one time. This is mainly where all the large fish are housed including the biggest attraction in the aquarium, the sharks. By going up another level there is an opportunity to cross a walkway that actually crosses over the tank itself, but if you are faint hearted you may choose to give this a miss.

London Aquarium 4

A very popular addition to the London Aquarium is the Glass Tunnel Walkway. This gives the visitor the chance to almost feel they are swimming with the fish without of course with any of the disadvantages. This attraction, as you would expect, can get very busy during peak times, so enjoy your visit but for the sake of others, please try to keep moving. If you think that cleaning the fish tank at home is a time consuming task, then try to imagine how these problems escalate in a venue of this size and complexity.

London Aquarium 5

Since the refurbishment, the Sea Life London Aquarium has become an ideal location for a variety of public, private, and corporate functions. Group tours for clownfish and sensory tours with a maximum of 10 people per tour are available. Another favourite are the shark sessions with a maximum party size of 20. For all other tours the size of the party needs to be between 10 and 30 individuals.