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London Zoo is located within Regent’s Park in North-West London. Established in 1828 as a centre for scientific study, It has become the primary home of the Zoological Society of London. It was not until 1847, that the general public was allowed past its gates, but with easy access from the city, it became an increasingly popular family attraction, generating a growing public interest in not only the animals themselves but also issues regarding their conservation. This famous zoological centre has come a long way since it was first established, but from that day to this, the basics have not changed, the zoo features many rare and endangered species, it supports conservation work all over the world, and it is an excellent destination for a fun-filled and interesting family outing.

London Zoo

London Zoo 1

The zoo is spread over a 36 acre site and is home to an estimated 760 different species of animals. The zoo holds regular events, animal feeding sessions, and exhibitions concentrating on conservation and the science behind it. Especially popular with the children are the educational and craft activities and the children’s zoo named Animal Adventure. One of the highlights of a visit to the zoo is the talks given by the keepers, whatever you read about an animal, there is nothing quite like hearing from someone with such a deep and enthusiastic knowledge of their subject.

London Zoo 2

The zoo animals have been divided into a number of different sections some being housed in unique buildings that are themselves an attraction on their own. One section has been named Butterfly Paradise in which visitors can make their way through an area surrounded by some stunning free-flying butterflies and moths originating from South America, Africa, and South-East Asia. In addition there is a room where the pupae are kept until they emerge as butterflies or moths, so completing their life cycles. There is an aquarium which is home to many exotic fish and an excellent coral reef. Opened in 1853, it was the worlds first aquarium. It is also claimed that they did in fact invent the word aquarium, it being a shortened version of aquatic vivarium, the original name for a fish enclosure. In 1924 the aquarium was moved to its current location.

London Zoo 3

Where possible the zoo gives visitors the opportunity to view the animals as close as it is possible to be without endangering ether the general public or the animals themselves. In 2011 a new Penguin Beach was opened in which underwater windows have been installed allowing visitors to observe the penguins while they swim. London Zoo is also home to a family of Asian lions and a pair of Sumatran tigers.

London Zoo 5

A section named the Gorilla Kingdom has been created in where there is a colony of Western Lowland Gorillas. Also in the enclosure are a group of black and white Colubus monkeys. Alongside is a satue of Guy the gorilla on which children have great fun climbing. It acts as a reminder of one of the zoo’s best loved residents.

London Zoo 4

Built in 1962, the Snowden Aviary was the first walk-through aviary in the country, allowing the birds plenty of room to fly and visitors to observe the birds in a very naturalistic way. This ground-breaking design has stood the test of time and is still a very popular attraction.